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Weekly Theme: “Bears/Hibernation” Essential Questions

This week we will be studying "Bears and other Hibernating Animals". Ask your child;

  • How do animals survive in the cold winter?
  • What does it mean to hibernate?
  • What are some animals that hibernate in the winter?


What’s Happening in the Classroom this Week


Theme: "Bears and other Hibernating Animals"

Letter: Qq (recognition and sound), letters in our names (recognition and sounds)

Color: Review Color Words

Pattern: AAB (i.e. red, red, green, red, red, green, red, red, green OR block, block, doll, block, block, doll, block, block, doll)

Shape: Review Shapes

Number: 14 fourteen

Nursery Rhyme: "Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where Have You Been"

Song: "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" & "The Three Bears Rap"

Science: Exploring hibernating animals (How they live/survive).

Social Studies: Learning respect for other and manners when we are visiting the homes of others (correlate to "Goldilocks").

Sight Words: am



  • We are still working on CLASSROOM RULES AND PROCEDURES and we are now focusing on HELPFULNESS and EMPATHY (feeling with the heart of another) in our character building this month:

-Rule 1- We will listen and follow directions.

-Rule 2- We will be nice to others.

-Rule 3- We will use good manners.

-Rule 4- We will do our best every day.

-Rule 5- We will raise our hand to talk.

-Rule 6- We will talk quietly.

-Rule 7- We will take care of our things.

***Please talk to your child about how important these rules are, why we need rules, and give them examples of rules that adults follow as well. Talk to them about how GIVING and THANKFULNESS play in following rules. Ask them what they have done to show good character each day, and what they are going to do tomorrow.***


1st PTO Skate Night

2nd Hat Day $1

5th-9th PTO Candy Grams Sales

12th Chili’s Gives Back

8th & 13th Parent Teacher Conferences

14th Candy Gram Delivery

16th Sock Hop (Bring $ for concession)

19th NO SCHOOL Staff Development

21st Spring and Group Pics

23rd Candy Sales

Parent Involvement at Home

  • Practice writing their name
  • Practice orally spelling their name
  • Practice identifying letters and sounds (especially the letters in their names)
  • Practicing identifying colors (all students should know their colors by now)
  • Practicing identifying numerals 0-12 (will need to recognize numerals 0-10 by December & will help them if they know 0-20 by May)
  • Talk about members of your family
  • Students should also know their whole name (first, middle, & last) and their birthdays
  • Practice phone numbers and addresses
  • Count words in a spoken sentence
  • Know the difference between a letter, word & sentence
  • Understand nouns and verbs
  • Understand sentence structure (Starts with a capital letter, ends with a punctuation mark, is made up of words, and the words are separated by spaces)
  • Understands the different punctuation marks
  • Rote counting to 30 (will need to count to 30 by the end of the year)
  • Counting scattered objects and objects in a row to 10 (will need to count objects to 10 by December)
  • Look in your child’s practice log folder nightly for homework and most of all, read with your child daily and model reading left to right, top to bottom, and front to back


Sight Words We Have Introduced


red                   zero                  at                     a             

orange              one                   can                   yes

yellow               two                   look                  no

green                three                my                    I

blue                  four                  little                 big

purple               five                  the                   me

brown               six                    it                      two

black                seven                and                   for

white                eight                is                      am

pink                  nine                  see                    up

gray                  ten



-Read “Letter Qq” book, and flash cards

-Bring a picture/object of something that starts with the letter Qq

-Check for nightly penmanship work