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Behavior and Guidance

September 05, 2017


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Behavior and Guidance

Learning to get along with others is one of the primary goals of the preschool program. Preschool teachers and assistance want to encourage cooperative behaviors in your child. We consistently reinforce positive social skills, and encourage children to feel good about themselves and their ability to learn.

There are rules for the classroom, and the children are made aware of them. I will remind your child of what the appropriate behaviors should be, or encourage them to try more positive solutions when inappropriate behaviors occur. If need be, your child will be asked to sit away from a group of children until they are ready to be a part of the group again. Parents will be contacted regarding their child’s misbehavior. The rules for preschool follow those of the rest of the school. They include the following:

  • A child may not harm other children, teachers, or assistants.

  • A child may not endanger himself/herself.

  • A child may not damage equipment or property.

  • A child may not consistently disrupt educational activities.

  • A child may not use offensive language.

I have high expectations for my students because I want the very best for them. We talk about these expectations often, and encourage them to think about what these qualities mean. My expectations are as follows:

  • We will arrive on time, rested, and ready to learn every day.

  • We will listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

  • We will keep our hands, feet, and bodies to ourselves.

  • We will use good manners, saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me”.

  • We will treat others with kindness and compassion.

  • We will recognize the efforts of others and applaud them.

  • We will help others whenever possible.

  • We will take care of our things, and the things of others.

  • We will share, take turns, and apologize.

  • We will learn from our mistakes.

  • We will have FUN!

As a class, we will also discuss character traits that allows us to apply the school rules and classroom expectations each day. You will be notified of the character traits we are discussing, and I encourage you to ask your child what these traits mean to them, and how do they look when they are applied to their daily life.


Behavior Management

Students will have a weekly report in their folders that I will color appropriately each day to let you know how their day went. If there is a reason your child does not receive a green day, I will write in their report why. Please initial each day.

GREEN: Student had a great day! The students first receive a warning for any particular behavior. Their conduct is not changed if the behavior does not continue.


YELLOW: If the behavior continues, they are removed from the area to cool down, think, or journal about their behavior. We discuss their thoughts, ideas, or illustrations about the negative behavior, and the positive choices the student should be making. A privilege is then usually taken away from the student, and I let them know that their conduct has been changed to yellow.


ORANGE: If the negative behavior still continues, the student is removed once again from the area, and they are asked to cool down, think, or journal once again about the situation. We discuss their continued behavior and the positive choices they should be making. They are then made aware of the color change in their folder, and of the note written to their parent/guardian concerning their negative behavior. A privilege is taken away from the student, or a disciplinary course of action is taken at this time.


RED: If the behavior still continues, they are removed from the area again, and together, we contact their parent/guardian. Together, we decide on a disciplinary course of action, and we let the student know that their conduct has been changed to red.


                                           Thank you so much for your support!

                                                      Sincerely, Mrs. Fletcher