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Algebra I Syllabus / Class Procedures


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8th Grade Pre-Algebra / Algebra I

Mrs. Murrie

Email: bmurrie@hilldaleps.org


Parents and teachers are partners in a child’s education and communication is essential, especially during these times.  I want every child to have a great learning experience in mathematics this year and will strive to offer that opportunity.  Please contact me with any question or concern using the email address posted above.


Course Description

ALL eighth grade students will be tested in the Spring over the state’s  Pre-Algebra Standards.   These standards are rigorous and will require use of written and verbal literacy with higher thinking skills.  To view the new standards for this course, go to sde.ok.gov.

Students will be allowed to use scientific calculators during their state 8th grade math test (not graphing calculators). An online calculator will be provided.  If a student would like to have a handheld calculator, the TI-30XS Multiview is highly recommended since it is the same as the online model provided during state testing. We will be using calculators in class on most assignments.  Demonstrations in class will be using the TI-30XS Multiview model.  Handheld calculators will not be provided in class due to the restriction of sharing items during this pandemic.  It is strongly recommended to purchase a handheld TI-30XS Multiview calculator. This is the same model that is provided online during state testing. Students may access online calculators on their chromebooks.

  Please note:  If your child is taking ALGEBRA I, he/she will be receiving high school credit for this course.  The semester grades for this course will become a part of the student’s high school transcript and will be used when calculating GPA’s.  This is important to remember.  GPA’s are used to determine class rank, valedictorian and salutatorian status, and scholarship requirements.  However, the credit earned for this course does not count toward the total number of required math courses for graduation.


General Rules:

The Three B’s

  • Be Respectful - Respect others and yourself.  (Number 1 Rule!)

                           This includes adhering to all social distancing requirements.                          

  • Be Prepared - Bring all necessary supplies to class each day, i.e. charged 

                        chromebooks, paper, pencil, calculator and a good attitude.

  • Be Responsible - Be on time to class and in turning in assignments.  Late work is NOT

                              accepted.  Also, wear a mask to protect yourself and others.


All students will be expected to abide by the Hilldale Middle School handbook

Detention will be assigned for the following reasons:

1.  Disrespectful

2.  Unprepared for class

3.  Disruptive (excessive talking or inappropriate behavior)


Depending on frequency or severity, the teacher may refer discipline issues to Mr. Riddle without first assigning detention. 

Procedural Items:

  • Work must be submitted with all assignments.  Answers only are not accepted.

  • All make-up work must be submitted according to the timeline given in your student handbook. It is your responsibility to check assignments in google classroom.

  • You are expected to sharpen your pencil before class begins each day.  Your work may be done in pencil or blue or black ink.

  • All trash is to remain at your desk until class is dismissed.You may throw trash away as you exit.

  • ANY form of cheating will result in a zero for that assignment.

  • Bookbags must be small enough to fit under your desk and not placed in the aisle.



  • Assignments are due on the posted due date and will not be accepted late.

  • Daily work is worth a total of 20 points:  10 points for answers and 10 points for supportive work

  • Quizzes will be worth 30-50 points 

  • Unit tests are worth 100 points.

  • Work must be submitted on quizzes and unit tests as well as for daily assignments.

  • Students scoring less than 70% on initial assessments will receive one opportunity to retest.

  • Benchmark tests will be given periodically.   

  • 1st and 2nd Semester tests will be given at the end of each semester and will be cumulative of all standards taught. There are no retakes on Semester Tests.


Determining Letter Grades

Percentage grades are based on points earned compared to total points possible.         

         90% -100% = A    80% -  89% = B     70% -  79% = C     60% -  69% = D   < 60%  = F