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Things Parents want to know...


Student Binder:  Each student will have a binder with a file folder inside along with other things.  The folder will have one side for "Homework or Bring Right Back" and the other side is "Keep at Home".  There will also be a pouch in the back to put a small group reader along with a daily reading log.  Five consecutive days of reading entitles your child to receive a dojo reward.   Sight Word lists will be included in the binder for daily practice.  A zipper pouch should be included in your child's binder for you to send money for school activities, lunch money, notes to/from parents.

Discipline:  Students are encouraged to make good choices throughout the day.  I use Dojo - an app for smartphones or online - to interact with parents throughout the day.  Dojo is real time messages and activities that you may access with a private student code.  Parents' messages to me are not viewed by another parent.  As students exhibit positive characteristics, Dojo points are rewarded.  When a student doesn't follow a rule, a Dojo point is deducted.  Students are rewarded at the end of the week and may spend their Dojo points on rewards.  An individual student report will be printed the following Monday reflecting your child's hehavior and the percentage of time spent in positive and negative behavior. 


Class Rules: 1.  Listen and follow directions.

                     2.  Raise your hand to share or get our of your seat.

                     3.  Use a soft inside voice, our friends are learning in other classrooms.

                     4.  Use your hands to help and not to hurt others.  Use kind words and be a good friend.

                     5.  Come to class prepared and take care of your materials and school facilities.


Communication:  You are encouraged to contact me either by email or call the office and leave a message.  I will make every effort to return your email/phone call the same day.  My plan time is 1:20-2:10 p.m.  Please make sure you have a current working phone number and email address on file with the school to ensure contact can be made. I send out Dojo messages throughout the day. Please sign up to receive theses messages either by email or as a text.  Sign up instructions are handed out on meet and greet night and you may email or send a note and I will be glad to send those instructions home.


Newsletter: Weekly Newsletter is electronic and viewed on Dojo under class story.


End of day transportation changes:      YOU MUST CALL THE OFFICE PRIOR TO 2:00 p.m. TO MAKE A CHANGE FOR THAT DAY. It is very important that the office knows where your child is to go in case I am absent or my internet/dojo isn't working.  As a follow up, you may send me a Dojo message to confirm your call to the office.  The office will always call me directly with the change as soon as you call the office.