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Middle School


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Hilldale Middle School

Hilldale Middle School has been named a 
2014 Oklahoma School of Character 
by the Character Council of Oklahoma. 

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Read the article from the Muskogee Phoenix.


Congratulations to the February Character Award Winners!


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Students and staff receiving the Character First Awards for Resourcefulness are: (left to right) Madison Eckerson, Bridgett Croftcheck, Bailee Chapman, Hunter Parson, and Mr. Jeremy Rogers.


Congratulations to the following students for receiving Superior ratings at the Solo/Ensemble Contest in Checotah on February 21!


Leanna Murrie
Haley Sherbourne


Woodwind Trio: Logan Smith, Jonah Fabian, & Shane Thompson

Woodwind Trio: Leanna Murrie, Kaden Bullard, & Hailey Huggins

Woodwind Duet: Haley Sherbourne & Lewis Whipple

2014 Muskogee Regional Science Fair Results



Best of Fair Junior Division

2nd place, $75 - London Woods
3rd place, $50 - Talana Holland

Behavioral Science Junior Division

1st place - London Woods
2nd place - Chandler Engelbrecht

Chemistry Junior Division

1st place - Talana Holland

Earth & Space Science Junior Division

1st place - Jonah Fabian

Engineering Junior Division

1st place - JD Harper

Environmental Science Junior Division

1st place - Mattie Hurlburt
2nd place - Latham Weaver

Physics Junior Division

Honorable Mention - Luke Whitlock

Zoology Junior Division

Honorable Mention - Haley Sherbourne


Special Awards

Naval Science Award - JD Harper

Naval Science Award - Talana Holland

Earth & Space Science $25 Cash Award - Jonah Fabian

Behavioral & Social Science $25 Cash Award - London Woods

Environmental Science $25 Cash Award - Mattie Hurlburt

Broadcom Masters Award - Talana Holland

Broadcom Masters Award - JD Harper

Broadcom Masters Award - London Woods

State Science Fair Qualifiers

Jonah Fabian
Chandler Engelbrecht
JD Harper
Talana Holland
Mattie Hurlburt
Makenna Juntti
Latham Weaver
London Woods

2014 Spelling Bee Champions

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Hilldale Middle School Spelling Bee:

1st Place: Talana Holland, 8th grade

2nd Place: Niky Harper, 6th grade

3rd Place: David Dunn, 8th grade


Congratulations to the January Character Award Winners!

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Students and staff receiving the Character First Awards for Punctuality are: (left to right) Gavin Hayes, Maddie Thomas, Mrs. Amber Horn, Auburn Fletcher (December winner), Taylor Breckon, Ganon Dubin, and Troy Maxwell.

Attention Parents and Students:

8th grade graduation will be May 20th @ 7:00 in the Event Center.

8th grade dance will be April 26th from 7:00-10:00 p.m.

6th, 7th, 8th Grades
Oklahoma School Testing Program Schedule

Test Date
Online Testing for Grade 8 Reading April 10, 2014
Online Testing for Grade 8 Math April 11, 2014
Paper/Pencil Testing for 8 Science & History April 15-16, 2014
Online Testing for Grade 7 Reading April 14, 2014
Online Testing for Grade 7 Math April 15-16, 2014
Online Testing for Grade 7 Geography April 17-18, 2014
Online Testing for Grade 6 Reading April 21-22, 2014
Online Testing for Grade 6 Math April 23, 2014
Multiple-Choice Arts Assessment 6, 7, 8 May 2, 2014


Announcing the 2014 Hilldale Geography Bee winners.....

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1st Place: Watson Schiller (5th grade)

2nd Place: Grant Stacy (8th grade)

3rd Place: Andrew Willis (8th grade) *Not pictured


Congratulations to the Character Award winners for December!

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Students and staff receiving the Character First Awards for Self-Control are: Mrs. Michelle Plunkett, Madison Mell, Lacey Lomax, Emily Claypool, and Kaden Bullard. Not pictured: Auburn Fletcher.

Congratulations to our November Character Winners!

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Students and staff receiving the Character First Awards for Initiative are:  Mrs. Shirley Shamblin, Abby Isham, Rachell Watson, and Baron Scott.

Middle School Science Fair 2013

Science Fair Slideshow

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the Hilldale Middle School science fair.  We are so proud of all of you!  You put an enormous amount of work into your projects and it showed!  Great Job!!!!!

Mrs Smith, Mrs Harlin and  Mrs Horn


Environmental Science

1st: Latham Weaver
2nd: Mattie Hurlburt
3rd: Marissa Borges
Honorable Mention: Michael Raper and Tori Payne

Medicine, Health, and Biochemistry

1st: Raelynn Smith
2nd:Tiffany Crabtree
3rd:“ Hope Parker
Honorable Mention: Shannon Quinn and Taylor Davis


3rd:“ Max James
Honorable Mention:“ Kenzie Kirkhart


1st:“ Taylor Trzcinski
2nd:“ Haley Sherbourne
3rd:“ Austin Miller
Honorable Mention: Justin Dewhirst


1st:“ J.D.Harper


1st:“ Makenley Billings


2nd:“ Levi Gassaway
3rd:“ Matthew Clabaugh
Honorable Mention:“ Lannah Goad


1st: London Woods
2nd:“ Devin Conaway
3rd:“ Madison Stephens
Honorable Mention:“ Abbi Wallace and Chandler Engelbrecht

Earth and Space

1st: Jonah Fabian


The following students have qualified to advance to the Regional Competition in February.

Makenley Billings Marissa Borges
Lauren Woodall Madison Stephens
Max James Brookelyn Gilmore
Levi Gassaway Matthew Clabaugh
Taylor Sanchez Michael Raper
London Woods J.D. Harper
Latham Weaver Raelynn Smith
Jonah Fabian Tiffany Crabtree
Taylor Trzcinski Mattie Hurlburt
Hope Parker Devin Conaway
Shannon Quinn Lannah Goad
Chandler Engelbrecht Gavin White
Jake Salmon Haley Sherbourne


More Information

Congratulations to 
Mrs. Katie Harlin
September Hilldale Certified Employee of the Month


Congratulations to the Character Winners for September: 
Students: Avery Whorton, Holden Davenport, Drew Mills & Taylor Trzcinski
Teacher/Staff: Mrs. Jamie Kirkhart

More Information



We Appreciate Our Veterans!!! 


Each year, Middle School teacher Mrs. D. Allen invites four veterans per class period to speak to her classes. Every speech is held with a captive audience of students and teachers. They are an inspiration to our school, and we greatly appreciate their time and service. Thank you Veterans, for all that you have done for us!!


11-9-13 Veteran's Day at the Middle School


More Pictures of Veteran's Day in Mrs. D. Allen's Classroom

Slideshow Icon Living History 2013


Character.org Character Education Partnership Promising Practices

Hilldale Middle School Receives Two Promising Practices in Character Education for 2013


Hundreds of effective strategies that develop good character in young people are recognized.


Washington, DC - The Character Education Partnership (CEP) has announced that it will award 262 Promising Practices to schools, districts, and youth-serving organizations from across the United States as well as from Canada, China, India, Mexico, and New Zealand.


"These best practices offer educators and others working with young people practical ways to develop empathy, conflict resolution skills, and good citizenship," said Lara Maupin, Program Director. "CEP is excited about being able to recognize these educators and share their work with others around the world."


This year's winning practices include unique anti-bullying programs, creative ways to integrate character and academic subjects, effective strategies for developing student leadership, and activities that build community within the school and beyond.


CEP sponsors the annual program to showcase innovative best practices that are having an impact across the nation and abroad. CEP encourages educators with similar needs to learn from and even replicate these successful initiatives.


CEP will honor the 2013 recipients at the 20th National Forum on Character Education, to be held in Washington, DC, October 24-27, 2013.


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