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Hilldale Public Schools Policy Manual


Section A
Introduction to the School District
Section B
School Board Operations
Section C
Business and Support Services
Section D
Section E
Section F
Section G
Special Education
Section H
Section I
Section J
Discrimination, Grievances and Harassment


Section A Introduction to the School District
A.1 Preface
A.2 Educational Goals and Objectives
A.3 School District Legal Status
A.4 School Name
A.5 Nondiscrimination
Section B School Board Operations
B.1 Board of Education Legal Status
B.2 Board of Education Powers and Duties
B.3 Board of Education Oaths of Office
B.4 Legal Description of Wards
B.5 Board of Education Vacancies
B.6 Board of Education New Members
B.7 Continuing Education for Board Members
B.8 Board of Education Internal Organization
B.9 Board of Education Terms of Office
B.10 Board of Education Officer Duties – President
B.11 Board of Education Officer Duties – Vice President
B.12 Board of Education Officer Duties – Treasurer
B.13 Board of Education Officer Duties – Clerk
B.14 Board of Education Attorney
B.15 Board of Education Meetings
B.16 Board of Education Meetings: Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
B.17 Board of Education Meetings: Notification
B.18 Board of Education Meetings: Quorum
B.19 Board of Education Meetings: Executive Session
B.20 Board of Education Meetings: Public Participation
B.21 Public Complaints
B.22 Board of Education Meetings: Rules of Order
B.23 Administration in the Absence of Policy
B.24 Board Policies
B.25 Charter Schools
B.26 Board of Education Meetings: Virtual
B.27 Emergency Preparedness
Section C Business and Support Services
C.1 Surety Bonds for Superintendents and Financial Officers
C.2 Purchasing Authority of the Superintendent
C.3 Expenditure of District Funds
C.4 Investment
C.5 Identity Theft Prevention
C.6 Annual Budget
C.7 School Finance
C.8 Activity Fund
C.9 Guidelines for Sanctioning Student Achievement Programs and Parent-Teacher Associations and Organizations
C.10 Salary Deductions
C.11 Reimbursement for Co-Curricular Activity Expenses
C.12 Usage and Accounting of School District Credit Card
C.13 Checks
C.14 Possession of Dangerous Weapons
C.15 Safety Program
C.16 Safe Schools and Healthy and Fit Kids Advisory Committees
C.17 Safety Drills
C.18 Bomb Threats
C.19 Use of Tobacco on School Grounds
C.20 Interference with the Peaceful Conduct of School District Activities
C.21 Sports and Special Events Coverage
C.22 Use of School District Equipment
C.23 Building Equipment and Grounds Maintenance
C.24 Use of School Facilities
C.25 Distribution and Care of Textbooks
C.26 School Bus Use
C.27 Lunch Service
C.28 Telephones
C.29 Asbestos
C.30 Federal Programs Complaints
C.31 School Volunteers
C.32 Distribution of Information by Outside Organizations and Individuals
C.33 Federal Programs
C.34 Meal Charges
C.35 Child Nutrition Information for Families
C.36 Medical Marijuana
C.37 Service of Legal Papers
C.38 Procurement Policy
C.39 Child Nutrition Procurement Plan
C.40 Electronic Signatures
C.41 Opportunity Scholarship Policy
Section D Personnel
All Personnel
D.1 All Personnel - FLSA Compliance
D.2 Intentionally Left Blank
D.3 Intentionally Left Blank
D.4 Commercial Driver’s Licenses
D.5 Nepotism and Supervision of Relatives
D.6 Workers’ Compensation
D.7 Travel Expense Reimbursement
D.8 Family and Medical Leave
D.9 Sick Leave Sharing Program
D.10 Employee Fundraising
D.11 Political Participation
D.12 Assault and Battery
D.13 Hazard Communication
D.14 Bloodborne Pathogens
D.15 CPR and Heimlich Maneuver Training
D.16 College Coursework Fee Waivers
D.17 Rehiring
D.18 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
D.19 Criminal Records Searches
D.20 Testing Employees and Applicants for Employment (Other than Bus Drivers) with Regard to the Use of Alcohol and Illegal Chemical Substances
D.21 Professional Conduct by Staff
D.22 Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation and Trafficking: Reporting and Investigation
D.22.1 Compliance with State and Federal Laws
D.22.2 (intentionally left blank)
D.22.3 Telework
Certified Personnel
D.23 Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers
D.24 Reporting Student Substance Abuse
D.25 Qualifications
D.26 Selection of Teachers
D.27 Employment of Substitute Teachers
D.28 Teacher Contracts
D.29 Resignation
D.30 Duty Time
D.31 Pay Dates
D.32 Intentionally Left Blank
D.33 Intentionally Left Blank
D.34 Extra Duty Assignments
D.35 Activity Passes
D.36 Association Rights
D.37 Leave
D.38 Evaluation
D.39 Admonishment
D.40 Suspension, Dismissal and Nonreemployment of Teachers
D.41 Reduction in Force
Support Personnel
D.42 Alcohol and Drug Testing for Bus Drivers
D.43 Fringe Benefits
D.44 Lunch Break
D. 45 Intentionally Left Blank
D.46 Holidays
D.47 Leave
D.48 Jury Duty
D.49 Vacation
D.50 Rules for Conduct
D.51 Suspension, Demotion, Termination or Nonreemployment
D.52 Reduction in Force
D.53 FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
Section E Instruction
E.1 School Year Length
E.2 School Calendar
E.3 Review of Instructional Material
E.4 Moment of Silence
E.5 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
E.6 Use of Video Instructional Resources
E.7 Intentionally Left Blank
E.8 Student Class Schedule
E.9 Attendance / Activities
E.10 Selection of Library Materials
E.11 Curriculum Development
E.12 Guidance and Counseling Services
E.13 Parental Involvement
E.14 AIDS Education
E.15 Wellness
E.16 Proficiency Based Promotion
E.17 Student Promotion and Retention and Student Pass/Fail of a Course
E.18 Reading Sufficiency Act Testing and Procedures
E.19 Report Cards
E.20 Gifted Student Program
E.21 District-Wide Parental Involvement
E.22 Graduation Requirements
E.23 Virtual, Hybrid, and Distance Learning
E.24 Medical Exemption Review Committee Process for Eligible Exemptions and Documentation for Decision
Section F Students
F.1 Student Residency
F.2 Age Enrollment Requirements
F.3 Open Transfers
F.3.1 Open Transfers - Special Education Students
F.4 Withdrawal from School
F.5 Tuition
F.6 Fines, Fees and Charges
F.7 Intentionally Left Blank
F.8 Health
F.9 Immunizations
F.10 First Aid
F.11 Transfers Pursuant to the Deployed Parents School Act of 2013
F.12 Administration of Medicine to Students
F.13 Student Self-Administration of Inhaled Asthma Medication and Anaphylaxis Medication
F.14 Student Diabetes Care and Management
F.15 Concussions and Head Injuries
F.16 Student Organizations: Sponsorships and Closed Student Forums
F.17 Intentionally Left Blank
F.18 Extracurricular Activities
F.19 Social Organizations
F.20 District Wide Parental Involvement
F.21 Hazing
F.22 Student Interviews and Interrogations
F.23 Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights
F.24 Leaving School Grounds – Closed Campus
F.25 Vehicle Use and Parking
F.26 School Bus Program
F.27 Use of Video Surveillance
F.28 Student Search and Seizure
F.29 Locker Search and Seizure
F.30 Distribution of Written Materials by Students
F.31 Title IX and School Sponsored Sports
F.32 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
F.33 Student Fund Raising Activities
F.34 Student Behavior
F.35 Student Disruption of School
F.36 Student Dress Code
F.37 Responsibility for School Property
F.38 Student Bullying
F.39 Rules for Students Regarding Illegal Chemical Substances, Alcohol and Tobacco
F.40 Extracurricular Student Activities Policy on Testing for Illegal or Performance Enhancing Drugs
F.41 Gun Free Schools
F.42 Latchkey
F.43 Communicable Diseases
F.44 Chronic Absenteeism
F.45 Emergency Medical Services at District Athletic Events and Activities
F.46 Suicide Awareness Training and Prevention Policy
F.47 ASVAB Testing Program
F.48 Foster Care Plan
F.49 Athletic Events Broadcasting and Streaming Rights
F. 50 Disciplinary Action For Misuse of School Bathrooms and Changing Facilities
Section G Special Education
G.1 Educational Services Under Section 504
G.2 Intentionally Left Blank
G.3 Extended School Year
G.4 Including Students with Disabilities In Districtwide Assessments
G.5 Parent Revocation of Consent for Services
G.6 Direct Threat
G.7 Disciplinary Removal of Children with Disabilities
G.8 Physical Restraint of Students with Disabilities
G.9 Seclusion of Students with Disabilities
G.10 Disproportionality
G.11 Child Find
Section H Records
H.1 Oklahoma Open Records Act
H.2 Document Retention and Destruction
H.3 Student Records
H.4 Transfer of Student Records
H.5 Transfer and Release of Confidential Information
H.6 Cumulative Records
Section I Technology
I.1 Internet and Technology Safety Pursuant to the Children’s Internet Protection Act
I.2 Acceptable Use of Internet and Electronic and Digital Communications Devices
I.3 Personal Wireless Devices
I.4 Supplemental Online Course Procedures
I.5 Online Instruction
I.6 Cybersecurity
I.7 Social Media and Social Networking
Section J Discrimination, Grievances and Harassment
J.1 Nondiscrimination
J.2 Equal Education Opportunities
J.3 Discriminatory Harassment and Retaliation
J.4 Intentionally Left Blank
J.5 Grievances for Discrimination or Retaliation Complaints


Hilldale Public Schools313 E Peak Blvd.Muskogee, OK  74403


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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