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Information for Virtual Students

In order to correct any confusion over grades recorded from Edgenuity for students and/or parents, please read through this document.


Once a student opens a class, they can see their progress by clicking the progress tab in the top left. 


This is an example of the progress overview:




The grade on the left is their overall grade and the colored line shows if they are on target (blue), ahead (green) or behind (red).  The vertical black line on the student progress chart indicates what they should have completed by the end of the day. The black line resets every day so a student may have been at the mark at night but the next morning they may show a little behind the black line.  The colored line shows that the student is behind (red line) in the example above.  The progress line will not show blue until a student is less than 3% behind.* 


Below is how we will mark grades in our student system.

  1. If a student is showing a Green or Blue line (meaning the student is working on  target or ahead), teachers will use the Overall Grade.
  2. If a student is showing a Red line (meaning the students is working more than 3% behind in the class), teachers will record the Actual Grade. **  

* Best practice is to finish each day as close to the black vertical line as possible.


** The reason we use the actual grade when students are in red is because if students do not complete all the assignments needed and the nine weeks or semester ends the actual grade is the one that will be reflected on a report card or transcript. Just as in traditional school at the end of a grading period and/or for eligibility purposes incomplete or missed assignments are entered into the grade book as zeros at the time the of the grade calculation. If the student is showing a RED LINE, they will most likely be failing or close to failing at that time.  

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